Genie Slab Scissor Lifts

Genie® slab scissor lifts

Genie slab scissor lifts are the industry solution for increasing worksite productivity. Ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, they’re excellent for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications with firm, level surfaces. Characterized by low noise levels, these lifts provide excellent capacity and large platform workspace.



  • Zero-emission electric operation
  • Front-wheel drive and zero inside turning radius
  • 39 in (1 m) roll-out platform extension
  • Automatic 25 amp battery charger
  • Proportional controls for drive functions
  • Multiple disc brakes provide smooth deceleration
  • Drive speed interlock limits speed while elevated
  • On-board diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
  • Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls
  • Solid, non-marking tires
  • AC power to platform
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JULY PARTS SPECIAL Forklift Replacement Seats


Bell Fork Lift is selling replacement forklift seats for a special price in the month of July! The purchase price of a new seat includes:
– Installation of an OEM equivalent seat
– Cloth or Vinyl
– Operator restraint system
– OSHA approved with seat belt
At Bell Fork Lift, we only sell premium seats that offer the driver the ultimate level of comfort! Call toll free: 888-404-2575 for details.

Forklift Replacement Seats from Bell Forklift

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June Special: Hydraulic Service


– Hydraulic oil change & flush
– Inspection for leaks & proper operation
– Drain Fluid
– Clean & replace hydraulic filters
– Service in-tank strainer

Call for details!

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How to Choose the Right Pallet Jack


Pallets trucks/jacks are not the most exciting topic on the planet. Regardless, any business that moves large-sized inventory knows that choosing the right equipment is very cost-effective, while choosing poorly is just very costly.

Mark Twain once referred to golf as a good walk spoiled. The phrase could just as easily be applied to using the wrong pallet jack, or walkie, as they’re often known. The right walkie can make short work for the operator moving a pallet around the dock in a distribution center or across a parking lot out in the field. Choosing the wrong machine can make that job as frustrating as a bad round of golf.

A walkie is a piece of industrial equipment that is operated by hand and is meant to transport pallets within a facility. Choosing the best one will require looking at the type of job you need it to do, and seeing which units fit. Options include a pneumatic lift unit, an electric pallet jack, or a manual pallet jack, which is sometimes called a pallet jack.

Choosing the right walkie for your operation takes careful consideration. Here are a few point to consider when deciding:
•If you will need constant use of the pallet jack, which is often the case in warehouses and shipping terminals, a non-electric pneumatic unit may be the best option.
•For pallets that are especially heavy, often 1,500 pounds (680 kilograms) or more, a manual unit may not be practical.
•The “type” of materials in your warehouse is handling and how you want to handle them should always be a crucial factor.
•For warehouses that handle a variety of pallet sizes use Multifunction Pallet Jacks such as adjustable fork width trucks or a low profile design.
•For material handling jobs that aren’t indoors, it is important to find a pallet truck that is ideal for a rough environment.
•Even if you intend to use a pallet jack as long as you can, it’s wise to choose the ones with highest warranty periods

Whether you need just a basic manual pallet jack or a full featured electric unit that can pinwheel in a trailer, Bell Fork Lift equipment is up to the task.

For More Information call us at 888-404-2575 or visit our website and request a quote at

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Getting your Equipment – Michigan Frost Law Restrictions Bell Forklift


Michigan Frost Law Restrictions for Transporting Heavy Loads

Spring is finally here and in Michigan, that means Frost Restrictions in the Industrial Equipment world. During the months of March through May of each year, these restrictions reduce loading provisions to protect our roads, by dropping the legal axle weights of vehicles by either 25% or 35% depending upon the road construction and design.

While Michigan’s weight laws apply to all vehicles, reduced loading has the biggest impact on commercial operations, due to the size and weight of the vehicles that are used. Legal limits usually remain the same, but the routine permitted limits are restricted during this time.

If you are moving or shipping heavy equipment such as forklifts and rough terrain vehicles through most Michigan regions, you must take these restrictions and the resulting added costs into consideration. You will need more axles to move these loads than you would at other times during the year, and that will always cost more.

To make sure that Michigan’s Frost Restrictions don’t slow you down, it is a good idea to consult with your local Bell Fork Lift, Inc professional during this time of year, to help you prepare for the spring time purchase, rental and delivery of all your Industrial Lift Equipment and material handling needs.

Call us today at 888-404-2575 for more information or visit us at

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Finding the Right Forklift Dealership:

Have you been overwhelmed by salespeople talking about the same quality for a better price; or telling you their service program offers high quality, at a fraction of their competitors cost?

Maybe it’s time for YOU to CHOOSE the best Forklift Dealer for your business.

Choosing the right forklift dealer usually require selecting the brand of forklift most desired first.

If brand is important, then this really needs to be decided upon first, because all future transactions will be handled through that dealer, such as warranty fulfillment and servicing; it is also best to consider a brand that has a dealer in the area that can offer fast response for the warranty and repairs.

How do you choose a forklift dealer?

A Dealer should be reputable and provide first-rate service. Important questions to ask before you evaluate the dealers.
•How long have they been in business?
•How many technicians do they have?
•Do they offer on-site service?
•What types of parts inventory do they keep on site?
•Is there a guaranteed response time in case of equipment break down?
•Will the dealer offer a demonstration at your location?

Most vendors bring the fork truck models chosen by you, to your location and allow you to use it for a couple of days and test. Also inquire about their service plans as most vendors provide preventive maintenance plans that cover filter and oil changes, general regular check-ups and transmission service.

Most of these questions and points are basic knowledge, but when you need a Dealership that is advanced in knowledge and customer satisfaction, the answer is Bell Fork Lift!

For more information visit or call 888-404-2575 today.

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