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Michigan Frost Law Restrictions for Transporting Heavy Loads

Spring is finally here and in Michigan, that means Frost Restrictions in the Industrial Equipment world. During the months of March through May of each year, these restrictions reduce loading provisions to protect our roads, by dropping the legal axle weights of vehicles by either 25% or 35% depending upon the road construction and design.

While Michigan’s weight laws apply to all vehicles, reduced loading has the biggest impact on commercial operations, due to the size and weight of the vehicles that are used. Legal limits usually remain the same, but the routine permitted limits are restricted during this time.

If you are moving or shipping heavy equipment such as forklifts and rough terrain vehicles through most Michigan regions, you must take these restrictions and the resulting added costs into consideration. You will need more axles to move these loads than you would at other times during the year, and that will always cost more.

To make sure that Michigan’s Frost Restrictions don’t slow you down, it is a good idea to consult with your local Bell Fork Lift, Inc professional during this time of year, to help you prepare for the spring time purchase, rental and delivery of all your Industrial Lift Equipment and material handling needs.

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